5 simple tips to lose weight and lose belly

These 5 simple tips to lose weight and lose belly just involve changes of habits and can help eliminate up to 2 kg per week. But it is necessary to follow these guidelines daily and not get anxious, climbing on the scales every day, to check if you’ve slimmed down or fattened.

The ideal is if you weigh only 1 time per week, always at the same time and take into consideration if you are on the menstrual period because this week it is normal to be a little more swollen, which reflects in the balance.

The tips are listed in order of importance, starting with:


1. Have regular times to eat:

Your body has to learn which hour of sleep, wake up and eat. This will make it work better, you will avoid hunger and frequent trips night in the refrigerator, which are the most fattening. Additionally, rest at least 7 hours per night gives courage to fulfill the commitments, do more exercises and to resist temptations.

So try to put an alarm on the cell phone to ring 3 in 3 hours so you can eat something and thus don’t get hungry. Prefer foods with low glycemic index help to not get hungry after eating only 1 pear, for example.


2. Drink plenty of fluids during the day:

You should drink plenty of fluids between meals, as this will help reduce hunger and fluid retention because the more water you drink the more urine your body produces, and with its elimination also out the toxins that hinder the weight loss.

  • What it is: water, coconut water, natural juices without sugar, tea without sugar;
  • What comes out: soft drinks, juices box, chocolate, and alcoholic beverages.

Fluids should be ingested, preferably up to half an hour before and after meals. The amount of recommended water required varies between 1.5 and 2 litres per day.

3. Do some physical exercise:

The type of exercise is not the most important, but rather to take advantage of every chance to burn calories whenever possible. It is important that you practice an activity at least 3 times per week, see an exercise very easy to do, that lasts a few minutes and leaves the belly ever: How to do abdominal hipopressivos to lose belly. In addition, some activities and daily choices can make all the difference, so try:

  • Climb stairs instead of using the lift;
  • Get off one stop before work or school and walk the rest of the route;
  • Go out for a walk 10 min after breakfast;
  • Take the dog for a walk at night.

To increase energy expenditure, try to do walking at least 45 min, 3 times per week, because this is one of the best physical exercise to lose weight, but also make some resistance exercise such as weight training, to complement the training.

4. Eat everything, but with moderation:

The body needs all the nutrients and diets that forbid carbohydrates cause weight increase again shortly after. So, the best tips are:

  • Prefer milks and derivatives, skimmed;
  • Add seeds in the juices and yoghurts, such as flax and chia;
  • Eat 3 brown or 3 peanuts per day;
  • Choose only one carbohydrate source per meal: biscuits without filling or bread to snacks, rice, potatoes or pasta at lunch or dinner;
  • Eat salad raw before lunch and dinner;
  • Eat at least 3 fruits per day.

Even in small amounts during the day, the fruits and vegetables provide lots of fiber and vitamins and, therefore, is a source of health and helps you lose weight and lose belly. Here’s how to make shopping healthy at the supermarket and keep the diet.

5. Don’t get hungry:

Make small meals every 3 hours may seem exaggerated, but it is certain that hunger does not appear. In this way, the portions of the food, to the few, will gradually, and also the weight. Follow the tips:

  • Put reminders on your phone or calendar telling time to eat;
  • Has always in stock nuts, fruits in natura, or dried fruits as snacks easy even on the street;
  • The best snacks are: 1 fruit + 5 biscuits without filling or 1 low-fat yogurt + 1 whole wheat bread with butter.

Going without food causes your body to save calories, spending less than it should and turning that extra food in stock fat.