Protein Supplements Additional Ingredients – Are They Beneficial Or Harmful?

Protein supplements are extremely popular, especially for people whose fitness programs is centered around muscle building, through resistance and weight training multiple times each week. However, there are ‘extra’ ingredients that are also included in your protein supplement – and these may enhance the effectiveness, or they may actually cause you to have increased fat storage, along with being nutritionally harmful for your health.

The supplements popularity makes sense, considering that without enough protein, your body wouldn’t have a primary component that is necessary for muscle to exist.  And this need is increased for growing and repairing muscle tissue that has been put under stress, which is of course what is being done when lifting weights.

But be sure that you know what is in your protein supplement besides the protein your are buying it for.

What Is In Your Protein Supplement?

When you buy a protein supplement, do you carefully read the label first?  This is very important to do, because although it may include something additionally beneficial that actually makes a given supplement a better choice – it is very possible that it may include a number of things that you want to avoid.

Beneficial Protein Supplement Ingredients

Since protein digestion and absorption is a very important factor in building muscle, a supplement that also includes a digestive enzyme would be a big benefit – which is one of the reasons that I started using the BioTrust Low Carb protein supplement:

One of the most unique benefits of BioTrust Low Carb is that it’s currently the ONLY protein powder on the market to have access to ProHydrolase, a brand new digestive enzyme blend that increases protein absorption.

In fact, the latest research shows that ProHydrolase is up to 40 times more effective at delivering whey protein to muscles than any other enzyme used in other protein products

Harmful Protein Supplement Ingredients

Beneficial ingredients like the ProHydrolase digestive enzyme aren’t the norm, protein supplements too often include things that can negatively affect you – here are 3 of these that you particularly want to look out for.

  1. Dangerous Hormones:  These are the result of dairy farmers trying to increase milk production, which is done through the use of the growth hormone rBGH.  However, this hormone can cause bacterial infections of the udder and secretions in the milk – so the cows have to also be treated with very large preventive doses of antibiotics.  So, check your label and look for it to say rBGH free, and if it doesn’t then check with the company before you make your purchase.
  2. Maltodextrin:  This is a complex carbohydrate that is often included in protein supplements to speed-up the delivery to your muscles.  However, maltodextrin has a glycemic index of 105, which is one of the highest that is known.  And as a result it is a very big problem for increasing insulin and ‘spiking’ your blood sugar level – which can cause fat burning to stop, as well as increase the risk for type2 diabetes.
  3. Artificial Sweeteners:  To begin with, we want supplements with natural ingredients that are the best for our nutritional health.  And in the case of artificial sweeteners, not only are they not natural – they has actually been associated to weight gain, regardless of not having any calories.  This might not make sense intuitively, but there are numerous studies that show that the use of artificial sweeteners leads to an increase in belly fat storage.

So, be sure to check your labels, because these harmful ingredients are more of the norm instead of exception in protein supplements.  And then stay away with supplements that have rBGH growth hormones, maltodextrin carbohydrates, or artificial sweeteners like sucralose or aspartame.

BioTrust Nurtrition

The BioTrust Low Carb protein supplement is quickly becoming my favorite; I say it like this because I started using it in August.  I originally started because one of the founders of the company is Joel Marion.

Joel is a well known nutrition and fitness expert, specializing in fat burning nutrition.  I liked what I read about how and why he got involved in starting a nutritional supplement company – and especially the commitment to provide premier ‘Cadillac’ supplements.

You can read more about the company, and the total BioTrust Nutrition team using the links below – also, there are some very good nutrition and supplement articles and research available.

Why Start A Nutritional Supplement Company

The BioTrust Nutrition Team

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