The Carbohydrate ; You Should Eat Every Chance You Get

It’s not that all carbohydrates are unhealthy.  However, as a group they have the reputation of increasing fat storage, by increasing blood sugar and the release of insulin.  But that is not always the case, and cauliflower is one carbohydrate that you should eat as often as possible. Cauliflower – Baked with a mix of diced onions, pepper, and coconut oil.

If you will go to the Self Nutrition Data site, here is what you will learn about cauliflower:

  • Amino acid score is 103:  any score of 100 or greater means it is an extremely high quality complete protein
  • Estimated glycemic load is 2:  that is a very low number considering the scale is 0 – 250, and means the carbohydrate sugars have very little effect on blood sugar levels
  • Dietary fiber:  60 percent of the total carbohydrates, which further reduces the release of insulin
  • Nutrient balance completeness score is 80:  the scale is  0 – 100 and measures the depth and quantity of vitamins and minerals in a food – this is one of the highest scores I have seen
  • And 1 cup only has 25 calories – and with almost half of these calories being fiber, it also makes it more filling

Cauliflower Nutrition Facts

So, even as a carbohydrate, cauliflower has amazing nutritional health benefits – further confirmed by CalorieCount, which gives it an A nutrition grade.

Cauliflower Fat Loss And Health Benefits

A further look at cauliflower shows that it contains a number of compounds that are beneficial for increased fat loss, for your overall health:

  • DIM blocks xenoestrogens – this is a type of estrogen that can cause increased storage of belly fat
  • I3C is an anti-inflammatory that helps with fat loss – and through a reduction in inflammation, studies have also shown a significant reduction in the risk of different types of cancer
  • I3C also has been shown to help with lowering triglycerides and bad cholesterol – by having better cardiovascular health, you will also be able to exercise harder
  • High fiber content – controls blood sugar levels and insulin release, which are major factors in be able to burn fat instead of storing more of it

Having cauliflower, for the fiber content and its wealth of nutrients, would be enough to make it a food to frequently eat.  But now add in the compounds that also help with fat loss and reducing body inflammation – and cauliflower becomes a carbohydrate that you want to eat all the time.

Digesting High Protein Foods And High Fiber Carbohydrates

High protein low carbohydrate diets are recommended for losing weight and burning fat – and especially avoid high glycemic carbohydrates, or those that have been highly processed like white flour and high fructose corn syrup.  But as discussed above, high fiber carbohydrates are different and can be very helpful for your fat loss efforts.

However, there can also be a downside to eating a lot of protein and fiber; these are 2 of the hardest foods to digest.  And if you cannot properly digest your foods, their nutrients cannot be absorbed, and the intended benefits cannot be realized.

I know these digestion problems firsthand, and would usually get gas and bloat from:

  • A lot of raw fiber – I started blending my vegetables in smoothies to break them down
  • Whey protein – high quality whey isolates were the best, and I always bought ones that at least had lactase as a digestive enzyme
  • Certain protein or amino acid powder – many of these were sweetened with sucralose, which ‘killed’ by stomach
  • Greek yogurt and especially cottage cheese – actually I couldn’t eat cottage cheese unless it was the lactose free Lactaid brand

As I looked for ways to correct these problems, which was really important considering these foods made up such a large part of my diet, I learned about food intolerances and digestive enzymes.  I started taking a supplement that had protease and lactase in it, along with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, before each meal.

Digestive Enzymes For Proper Digestion

This definitely started helping, but it wasn’t until I took AbsorbMax Digestive Enzyme that I really got relief from the digestive issues.

We may take a number of different supplements like omega-3 DHA, because of the science and recommendations from nutrition and fitness experts, but a lot of times can’t be completely positive as to what they are doing.

But this digestive enzyme supplement is different; I know and can feel what it is doing – I eat any cottage cheese I want, and have no problems with my branched chain amino acid powder has sucralose in it.

This is likely because AbsorbMax is an advanced digestive enzyme complex:

AbsorbMax is a blend of 16 unique enzymes that support maximum breakdown and absorption of every nutrient contained in the food you eat.  It also support accelerated fat loss by combating common food intolerances stemming from inadequate digestion.

And with a combination of 2 unique enzymes called GlutenGone, recent research has shown an unmatched ability to full digest gluten and assist with gluten intolerance.

Your digestive health and proper digestion is extremely important for how you feel, along with enhancing your fitness and fat burning efforts.  Watch the movie below, to learn more about how AbsorbMax Digestive Enzyme can help with any of your digestion problems.