The 7 Ways To Burn Fat Fast

Taking steps to maximize the amount of fat you burn, while limiting the amount that is stored, is critical for having a healthy body that is lean and isn’t accumulating inflammation.

And in order to accomplish these objectives – Jayson Hunter, nutritional health expert and Prograde Nutrition’s head of research and development, has come up with a list of fat burning tips.

Ways To Burn More Fat

Jayson has 15 different ways for you to burn more fat – below are some of these:

  1. Instead of 2 or 3 very large meals, try eating smaller meals more frequently.  This can help increase your metabolism that can help with burning more calories.
  2. Eat natural whole foods, and especially get rid of the high sugar processed foods.  Increase the amount of lean protein you eat, along with eating more vegetables and fruits that are high in fiber.
  3. When you do eat carbohydrates, eat those that are low glycemic to help keep regulate your blood sugar levels  – not those that are highly refined and processed and lead to blood sugar spikes.
  4. Increase the amount of fiber you eat to around 25-35 grams each day.  Fiber is very helpful in making you feel fuller – and it is important for controlling the release of insulin, which can lead to an increase of fat storage.
  5. Include some kind of lean protein in each of your meals.  Protein helps maintain lean body muscle, while losing weight and burning fat, and it also helps with satisfying hunger.
  6. Don’t avoid healthy fats, they do not make you fat.  Fats like olive and coconut oil, almonds, avocados, and especially omega-3 are good fats that provide important functions for your brain and body – and it is also recommended to take an Omega-3 supplement, because omega-3 is one of the best natural anti-inflammatories available.
  7. And get plenty of exercise.  Yes, you will lose some weight by changing the way you eat – but if you really want to maximize the amount of fat your burn, you really want to get into a fitness program that includes weight lifting and resistance training, and not just cardio.