Leptin Controls Continued Fat Loss While Dieting

Slim young woman measuring her thin waist with a tape measure, close up

Losing weight and fat seems to be simple, just start eating less to create a caloric deficit and force the body to start utilizing fat for energy.  But although it might be ‘easy’ to lose that first 25-30 pounds, those last 5-10 pounds are very hard.   So, what happened to cause the fat loss to stop – as you will learn below, this problem is caused by a reduction in your leptin hormone levels from dieting. No, the scale is not broken – even though you continue to diet and eat less, but your fat and weight loss stops.

But as your body fat percentage becomes smaller, it becomes harder to keep burning fat.  Eventually eating fewer calories and working out more actually slows down your ability to lose fat.  This is due to a change in hormones as you become leaner, and what is essentially a self-protection mechanism.At the beginning, when you try to lose fat, it’s relatively easy – eat fewer calories and also increase the number of calories burned by increasing your physical activity through fitness training.

When you do lose fat and become leaner, your body doesn’t recognize that you are doing this intentionally, and actually starts thinking that it needs to protect you from starving.

And as a result, your fat loss stops, and you continue to store that last amount of extra fat that you are trying to get rid of.

Leptin Is The Most Important Of The Fat Burning Hormones

Of all the hormones that are related to fat burning, leptin is considered to be the most important – the reason for this distinction is because leptin controls all of the weight loss hormones.

Now consider the way leptin controls your ability to keep burning fat:

  • Since leptin is made in the body’s fat cells, as you have less fat you will have less leptin and cannot continue burning fat at the same rate.
  • This problem is magnified when the reduction in calories is too severe, especially when this also includes a big decrease in the amount of carbohydrates being eaten.
  • The result is the potential for leptin resistance, where it quits working as intended.
  • The fat loss stops, and you just can’t get rid of those last pounds.

And this all gets even more frustrating, if you try to eat even less calories and it still doesn’t change things.

Keeping Your Leptin Levels High And Continuing To Lose Weight

Clearly, you have to have a reduction in calories to lose weight.  However, if your body thinks you are starving, then your leptin levels are going to fall in order to protect you. There is actually research that showed a 50% decrease in leptin levels after only dieting for seven days, which becomes worse if you become leptin resistant.

Having a moderate reduction in calories is fine, but again, don’t make it too drastic.  And to keep your leptin levels high and keep burning fat, it is better to increase the intensity of your exercise and actually create an energy deficit.

And then combine the reduced calories and additional exercise, with a weekly ‘cheat’ day – that is relatively high in calories and carbohydrates.

Now this may seem very hard to accept – I know how little this made sense to me, and I continued to fight the willingness to try this.  But it has been shown to be extremely effective in manipulating and upregulating leptin levels, in a way where they remain high and the body continues to burn fat – instead of what seems to be most intuitive, and that this 1 day is going to ruin the rest of the week.

Just remember that the objective here is keep your leptin levels high enough to keep working, and not eating and drinking all of the garbage foods you can find until you are so uncomfortable that you puke.

From noted fat burning expert Joel Marion, and one of his reports called 7-Day Rapid Fat Loss:

This is a critical part of the science of the program, so do not skip it.

And you’ll be happy to know that over the course of the last 7 years, no matter which way we’ve tested it, the “eat-whatever-you-want” approach works best from a results standpoint than any other more restrictive or controlled approach.

So, you can see how necessary it is to control your leptin levels, if you are going to continue to lose weight and burn fat while dieting.  But there is a lot more involved with how this all works and the most effective approach to use leptin to increase fat burning – and the best way to understand this is to let Joel explain it through the video below.