Fasting regularly is good for your health

Researchers came to the conclusion that fasting regularly is good for health, and that you stay without eating anything for just 1 or 2 days per week, eating normally on the other days, has benefits for health.

According to the researchers this type of fasting helps lose weight, reduces the risk of diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, dementia, protects against various types of cancer and improves the quality of life of the individual.

In the days of fasting you can drink water and eat some vegetables, but nothing more than that, and in the days that follow you can eat everything, but with moderation, avoiding sweets, fats and processed foods, to get the expected results.

Eating large amounts of food day after day, in addition to to gain causes a type of inflammation in the body that generates various diseases and adopt this type of diet can be very beneficial to health, especially to the brain.

The researchers believe that this food restriction favors the entire functioning of the body because it makes it more sensitive to hormonal changes, being very beneficial for the control of insulin and other chemical reactions. However, they caution that more scientific research should be conducted to prove the benefits of this type of fasting in periods longer than 6 consecutive months.