Can Bee Pollen And Fish Oil Supplements Help You Lose Weight?

If bee pollen supplements and fish oil supplements could help you lose weight, how would they do it?

If these foods are a large amount of what you eat each day – you are not going to lose weight from taking a weight loss supplement.

Would they make you eat fewer calories, and especially cut way back [eliminate] on  the fried and processed junk foods with all the bad fats and sugar?  Or are they going to drive you to the gym each day to exercise and work out?

I am being facetious [kind of], but this does point out the problem with any supplement taken for weight loss; they could possibly assist and help – but only if you make the necessary dietary and fitness lifestyle changes, and if you would do that you wouldn’t need the supplements.

However, all that being said, losing weight can be tremendously difficult and even overwhelming.  It certainly isn’t a fun thing to attempt to do, and there is even a case to be made that sugar, which has been shown to be the primary reason that people gain large amounts of weight or become obese, can be addictive.

In fact, it has even been suggested that soft drink makers have added more sugar to them [along with making the cans and bottles bigger]  through the years, because that would make people drink more of them [sounds like cigarette manufactures adding more nicotine to increase smoking] – look at a study below on sugar and addiction:

“If bingeing on sugar is really a form of addiction, there should be long-lasting effects in the brains of sugar addicts,” Hoebel, a Princeton University scientist said. “Craving and relapse are critical components of addiction, and we have been able to demonstrate these behaviors in sugar-bingeing rats in a number of ways.”

 Consequently, it is human nature to look for the ‘easy way out’, like trying the latest and great ‘fad’ diets – or yes, trying to find a supplement that will do it for them.

Nutritional Supplement Weight Loss Properties 

So, if bee pollen or fish oil could help with weight loss:  (1)  what properties would they need (2) is there any studies or science that supports their effectiveness? 

Here are some of the key properties that a nutritional supplement could have to help with weight loss:

  • Suppress appetite and hunger cravings
  • Decrease insulin and fat storage
  • Increase metabolism and rate that calories are burned
  • Increase energy levels to promote more activity

Bee Pollen Weight Loss

Bee pollen is made up of all the necessary nutrients for sustaining life.  Researchers at the Institute of Apiculture have said that, “Bee pollen is the richest source of vitamins found in nature in a single food.”  Included in this nutritional profile that makes bee pollen regarded as a superfood are properties that help with weight control.

By providing such a diverse and complete range of nutrition, food cravings can be eliminated.  And bee pollen includes the essential amino acid phenylalanine that helps to naturally suppress appetite by making neurotransmitters that signals the brain that you are full.  It is also made up of 15% lecithin, which is a substance that helps dissolve fat in the bloodstream.

It is further suggested that this also has the effect of burning fat as energy, which would help with weight loss.  While dissolving fat is definitely beneficial for lowering bad LDL cholesterol – it should be noted that there is no scientific evidence for the weight loss claims.

Here is what Xtend-life Natural Products, a leading manufacturer of bee pollen supplements says:

“Bee pollen hasn’t been proven to aid or cause weight loss in any scientific studies. The only actual proven benefit is for increased energy, and this is what we claim for our Natural Energy Supplement.”

Xtend-Life Natural Energy

So, bee pollen does have appetite suppressant properties.  And it can help speed up metabolism and increase energy, which can be beneficial for leading to more activity and exercise – and this could further lead to the burning of more calories, and thus be beneficial for weight loss.

Fish Oil Weight Loss

So, a bee pollen supplement is certainly highly nutrient enriched and will benefit nutritional health and natural energy, I wouldn’t take the supplement thinking it was going to help with weight loss – it might help, but there just aren’t conclusive studies showing that they will.

On the other hand, fish oil has numerous studies showing that amongst many other important health benefits, fish oil supplements can also be effective for helping to lose weight.

Fish Oil Omega-3 Studies For Losing Weight

  • Researchers in Iceland were studying the overall health benefits from eating fish, and used a group of 324 overweight people for their study.  Over a period of 8 weeks different amount of fish were being eaten, and the blood of all of the subjects was tested for its level of omega-3.  What was found out was that those with the highest levels of omega-3 lost on average eight percent of their weight – and this was attributed to properties in fish oil omega-3 that burn fat and lead to weight loss.
  • A study was done with a group of people volunteering to lose weight, specifically to see if there would be any differences from eating different levels of omega-3 fatty acids in their diet.  The people were split into 2 groups, and given reduced amounts of calories – and one group’s diet had low amounts of omega-3, while the other group had more than 1300mg of omega-3 each day.  At the end of the study period, it was learned that there was a meaningful difference in the amount of weight loss along with a reduction in appetite, in the group that had the high fish oil omega-3 diet.
  • Scientists in Australia, at the University of Adelaide, studied losing weight from a combination of exercise plus fish oil supplements.  This was done by taking 2 different groups that both did the same 3 times per week exercise sessions – but group one was given 4 grams of fish oil, and group two was given 4 grams of sunflower oil.  After 12 weeks the study learned that the group taking the fish oil had a greater decrease in their weight and body fat than the group taking the sunflower oil.
  • The Avicenna Institute research scientists studied whether an omega-3 fish oil supplement would have any effect on a group of patients that had what was referred to as a metabolic syndrome – specifically, this was a group of different factors that would increase the risk for cardiovascular disease.  The study was conducted by splitting their patients into two groups, and gave 1 group 1 gram of fish oil each day, while giving the other group a placebo.  After doing this for 6 months, the group taking the fish oil omega-3 supplement showed significant amounts of weight loss compared to the group taking the placebo.

Weight Loss Supplements

Again, I want to mention that weight loss comes from a proper nutritional diet, coupled with a good exercise and fitness program.  Eliminate the empty calorie and high calorie foods that cause increased fat storage and food cravings leading to weight gain, while doing your fat and calorie burning workouts, and you will lose and/or control weight naturally.

And with that kind of program, nutritional health supplements that also have weight loss properties, can also be effective – but don’t expect that supplements to lose the weight for you.

When bee pollen and fish oil omega-3 supplements are considered for help in losing weight, they are both very good supplements with strong nutritional health benefits. But when considered for weight loss, bee pollen could help some by giving you more energy and maybe suppressing appetite – but it is fish oil omega-3 that has many studies showing its effectiveness for reducing appetite and for helping with weight loss.

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