Are You Eating Fruit While Trying To Lose Body Fat

Is it best to stop eating fruit when trying to lose body fat, because of its fructose and sugar content?

Although fruit may be amazingly healthy and nutrient dense, it is also a carbohydrate that is high in fructose.

The fructose is an additional problem when you are eating high glycemic fruits, especially when trying to lower body fat and lose weight.

What is the problem with fructose and a high glycemic index, even when it is a natural sugar from fruit?

It leads to blood sugar spikes and increases in the amount of insulin that is released.

And since insulin is a hormone that can transport the fructose and sugar into your fat cells, it may be best not to eat fruit when dieting and/or trying to burn fat.

Should I Eat Fruit?

By Adam Steer

Adam Steer is a Bodyweight Exercise Specialist and Fat Loss Expert. He creates innovative programs based on the latest research to completely transform people’s lives.


Unfortunately, as is often the case with nutrition, the answer is, maybe.

You see, fruit is jam packed with nutrients and antioxidants, especially if you opt for seasonal, local and organic options. They also have lots of fibre.

So it’s pretty hard to make a case against the health benefits of fruit. Except…

Fruit is also loaded with fructose, the form of sugar that makes it sweet. And since all sugars will cause a greater release of the hormone insulin than protein or fat based meals, it can hinder fat-loss.

Insulin is a “storage” hormone. Its job is to shuttle nutrients and energy into your cells–either fat cells or lean tissues.

I reckon you may have heard that before. But you may not have heard that elevated insulin also makes it VERY hard for your body to get fat OUT of your fat cells.

That means that even if you’re not over eating. Your body may find it hard to release fat for fuel.

And to top it off, fructose also has the potential to exacerbate insulin resistance. Which is a fancy way of saying your body prefers putting energy into your fat cells rather than lean tissues.

So here’s what I recommend…

If you are already fairly lean or close to your goal, enjoy your fruits in moderation whenever you want.

If you feel like you still have a moderate amount of bodyfat to lose, try to limit your fruits to the period directly after your workout until about 2 hours post-workout.

And if you feel that you still have a lot to lose, then consider cutting out fruit entirely for at least two weeks, and then limiting it to about 1/2 cup, directly after your workouts, and only on days when you exercise.

Another solution is to synchronize your carbs intake, including fruits, to the TYPE of workout you do on a given day. This is the approach we take in Bodyweight Burn.

The main take away is to understand the hormonal effects of food, and to use that to your advantage.

Calories are important–eat too much and you’ll gain fat–but beyond that, the timing and type of food you eat can speed up or slow down your results.