Nutritional Health Remedies For Preventing Nighttime Acid Reflux

One of the most common symptoms of poor nutritional health is acid reflux and heartburn. And if you frequently suffer from reflux symptoms, then you also know that they are usually worse at nighttime.

Having acid reflux problems related to nutrition makes sense, when you consider some of the main trigger foods.

These are the unhealthy fats and fatty proteins that you want to avoid nutritionally – they cause heartburn, because they are also very hard to digest.  These are also foods that you tend to eat for dinner.

But there are nutritional and digestive remedies you can use for preventing nighttime heartburn, especially by following a nutritional acid reflux diet and taking digestive enzymes before your meals.

Acid Reflux Diet Objectives

You have two key objectives from your acid reflux diet:

  1. Reducing the amount of acid content in your stomach from what you eat, by eliminating acid reflux trigger foods
  2. Reducing the amount of time it takes to digest your food, because this will require more acid to be made.

Now think about these in the context of nighttime heartburn.  Dinner is the meal that is likely to have the most acid reflux diet problems, along with nighttime also being when you have additional habits that make the reflux problem worse.

Dinner is usually the biggest meal of the day, so by quantity alone it will take longer to digest the food.  Then add to that the fact that this meal will probably be full of many of the foods that bring on heartburn.

For instance, does this meal sound familiar:

  • Red meat with a baked potato and sour cream
  • Vegetables or pasta that has a cream or tomato sauce
  • Chocolate cake for desert.

You have just eaten a meal that is essentially all acid reflux trigger foods, and then what do you do after eating?

Now it’s time to go to the couch, and drink a beer while you are watching TV – but sitting after a big meal can cause heartburn.  And alcohol, especially beer, is very bad for people who frequently have heartburn.

And then since you are tired after a long day, a big meal, and your beer – when you have finished drinking, you lie down on the couch.

Now the gravity that was at least helping to keep all that extra acid content in your stomach is more easily able to move back into your esophagus and give you heartburn.  This problem has been magnified from the beer, which has the tendency of relaxing a valve that is supposed to remain closed when you are digesting your food.

It is recommended that people don’t lie down for 2-3 hours after dinner, and it would be extremely helpful to take a short walk after eating before even sitting down – the key is to stay upright for a while, so gravity can help you avoid the reflux while your food is digesting.

Acid Reflux Wedge Pillow

Another recommendation, if you have heartburn problems that get worse while you are sleeping, is to try sleeping on what is called an acid reflux wedge pillow.

These are pillows that have been specially designed for raising both your head and your torso in a way that can keep your stomach acid from moving up into your esophagus.

Do note that raising your head by sleeping on a big stack of pillows is not going to do the same thing.  Besides probably giving you a bad stiff neck, you really need to have your body angle adjusted.  Raising your head only is not an effective solution.

Digestive Enzymes Help With Digestion And Preventing Reflux

Getting rid of nighttime heartburn is about making changes, especially for the types of food and quantity of food that you eat for dinner.  Eating a nutritionally healthy acid reflux diet will go a long way for preventing nighttime heartburn.

Another remedy is to increase the amount of water you drink throughout the evening.  Most people don’t drink enough water to begin with, but drinking ‘extra’ water after dinner will help neutralize the stomach acid that is causing the reflux.

And also start taking digestive enzymes with dinner, and actually with all your meals would be the best thing to do.

I was a long-time acid reflux sufferer.  I didn’t know about nutritional health diets and acid reflux trigger foods at the time, but I now know that I deserved the constant heartburn problems.  I had to take Nexium each day, and many times I had to add antacids to that.

After I lost my weight and ‘fixed’ my dietary habits, I got tremendous relief from my acid reflux problems.  But it was when I started taking digestive enzymes that I was able to quit taking the Nexium.

Regardless of how well you eat, protein is still the hardest food to digest.  And I eat a high protein diet that also includes whey protein powder, which can cause some bloating and gas from its lactose content.

The digestive enzymes help with optimal nutrient breakdown and absorption, along with helping with food sensitivities that cause the gastro-problems, as well as even inhibiting fat loss.

The digestive enzyme I take is called AbsorbMax.  It is a blend of 16 unique digestive enzymes that have synergistically become an advance digestive formula – this helps ensure that the nutritional value of food is absorbed, along with being properly digested to relieve acid reflux and other gastrointestinal problems.