Does Soy Protein Really Help Fight Belly Fat

Since, high protein diets have been shown to help increase lean muscle mass and help with fat burning – does that also mean that soy protein is a source for fighting belly fat?

Hormone Killing Foods To AvoidI haven’t thought about soy protein being beneficial for getting rid of belly fat, until an article I recently received.  From what I had read and learned, soy was a protein source that should be avoided for reasons like:

  • Soy protein is an inexpensive by product that used to be discarded, until it was realized that it could be sold
  • Soy is responsible for many food allergies and intolerances, which could cause inflammation and actually lead to an increase in belly fat
  • A very large percentage of soybeans are grown from Monsanto’s genetically modified seed, which includes their weed killer Round Up as an active ingredient

Don’t Confuse All Soy Products With Soy Protein

There are a number of things about soy that should not be confused with soy protein and increased belly fat:

  • Many healthy protein products contain soy lecithin, for instance look at the label for your whey protein powder and see if this is included.  Soy lecithin is used because it helps keep the product from separating when it is mixed – this also comes from soybean oil, where most of the allergies come from soybean protein
  • Fermented soy products like kefir and miso tend to be healthy and not be inflammatory – they are also a good food source for probiotics
  • If your objective with soy protein is to get away from whey and foods with dairy, then it would be better to use a plant protein powder.
  • If you are also drinking soy milk because it is non-dairy, unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk are good alternatives

Soy Protein And Fat Burning

The article I received came from BioTrust Nutrition, and cited the following as misinformation that was actually the contrary:

“Several studies have shown that people who regularly consume soy protein tend to weigh less and have less abdominal fat those who don’t. The key compounds are the soy isoflavones: These estrogen-like substances not only fight belly fat, but they also protect against the development of breast cancer.”

Here are some of the problems with the information in the above quote:

  • Estrogen compounds have been seen to increase belly fat instead of decreasing it
  • Increase estrogen has been seen to increase breast cancer risk
  • The isoflavone genistein that is found in soybeans has been seen to promote breast cancer cells and tumor growth
  • The article didn’t list any of their information sources

BioTrust then went on to list multiple studies giving information that was contrary to what was written, and concluded by saying:

“Soy is one of the foods you should be AVOIDING if your goal is decreased abdominal fat and increased health and longevity.”

They also included the following link to a video about foods that should be avoided, because they ‘kill’ fat burning hormones:

Foods That Kill Hormones That Shouldn’t Be Eaten

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