Serrapeptase Natural Anti-Inflammatory and Digestive Enzyme

Serrapeptase enzyme, or serratiopeptidase, is a naturally produced anti-inflammatory  – actually by bacteria that live in the intestines of silkworms.  The primary benefit of serrapeptase in nature is for dissolving the proteins in the silkworm’s cocoon, so the moth can get out.

But these same protein metabolizing properties from the serrapeptase enzyme can be used as a natural anti-inflammatory that is beneficial for effectively reducing inflammation and swelling, as well as being used as a digestive enzyme that gives increased breakdown of foods and absorption of nutrients.

Specifically, this is a proteolytic enzyme, which helps with metabolizing proteins faster, making it beneficial as a digestive supplement.  Since different proteins can cause blood vessels to swell, or trigger immune responses that cause inflammation when they remain undigested, dissolving these proteins also makes serrapeptase a natural anti-inflammatory.  And then serrapeptase is also known for being able to reduce pain, by being able to block the release of different particles from the inflamed tissue that actually causes the pain.

Serrapeptase Side Effects

And serrapeptase enzyme also has essentially no reports of side effects.  Like anything, there could be some allergic reactions, but these have been reported as being rare.  However, just like any digestive enzyme or nutritional supplement, there could be some upset when first taken – so start out with the minimal dosage split into multiple servings to get used to it, and be sure to drink plenty of water.

Having strong natural anti-inflammatories without side effects is so important.  There is such a large number of painful conditions caused by inflammation that are treated with non-sterol anti-inflammatory drugs, and they are known to have many serious side effects.

If your doctor has put you on aspirin or a blood thinner like Coumadin, be sure to let them know before you take serrapeptase, because it is also going to have a strong blood thinning effect.

Serrapeptase Enzyme Protein Breakdown

There are a number of different kinds of proteins that a serrapeptase supplement will be particularly effective in breaking down:

  • Fibrin – this is a protein that keeps scar tissue and blood clots together.  The body makes this when responding to injuries, and like any acute inflammation is necessary for healing.  But when there is too much fibrin made and it remains in the blood, it can lead to heart attacks and strokes.
  • Bradykinin – this is a group of protein compounds that go to the area of inflammation and causes swelling and dilation in the blood.  By being able to suppress the action from bradykinin from occurring, serrapeptase can reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Casein – this is a protein found in cheese and milk, and that causes many allergies and digestive problems.  And this is where serrapeptase enzyme can be so helpful as a digestive enzyme – breaking down and digesting casein protein faster will help prevent the food allergies.

When you think about it, the serrapeptase enzyme benefits are really amazing, considering that nature really never intended it to be used by humans as an anti-inflammatory and digestive supplement.  But then it’s also another example of how natural nutrients and food sources can be so useful and important for our health.

Serrapeptase Enzyme Supplements

Below are high quality 2 serrapeptase enzyme supplements; Serranol is the one I am including with omega-3 DHA as a natural anti-inflammatory, and I like the digestive enzyme since my protein supplement blend also has casein protein – you can click on the links below to get more information.

SerraPlus+™ helps promote better well-being for your Lung and Bronchial tissue, Scars, Lesions, Adhesions, Joints, Tendons, etc.

This fabulous new formula provides balanced strength 40,000iu enteric coated capsules for the best absorption, as well as the inclusion of Trace Minerals (50mg) to ensure BETTER utilization of the enzymes and 350mg of MSM.

Serranol™ helps promote better well-being for your inflammatory system and supports nearly every part of your body.

This fabulous new formula provides a daily balanced dose of 120,000iu Serrapeptase, 750mg of Bio-Curcumin BCM-95, 150mg of Ecklonia Cava Seaweed extract, and 6000iu of VitaminD3 all in veggie capsules for the best absorption.

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