Natural Inflammation Remedies First Start with Your Diet

If you are like so many people reaching their middle ages, you are living a fast paced life that includes a combination of poor dietary habits, along with little or no physical exercise. And as a result, you are causing excess inflammation to accumulate in your body from the extra lifestyle stress, and especially from the foods you eat.

Unlike acute inflammation that your body ‘creates’ because of an infection or injury, but then goes away after the problem is gone, accumulated inflammation becomes a chronic condition that does not leave.

This is a situation that needs to be corrected for your middle age nutritional health, and preventing long-term health risks – and these remedies start with making dietary changes.

The Typical Diet Is Highly Inflammatory

Highly Inflammatory DietMaybe for breakfast you ate a sausage egg mcmuffin with hash browns, or instead you ‘cut-back’ and had some doughnuts and coffee with cream – and how often do you eat nothing but fried foods, like fried chicken nuggets with french fries?

Or maybe you had a ‘decent’ breakfast, but then had a fast food lunch with a big mac and french fries. What is happening when people eat like this, specifically from the perspective of inflammatory problems?

Let me answer this by first discussing omega-3 fatty acids. These are essential fatty acids, which mean they are needed by our body’s processes, but we can’t make them.

Therefore, you must satisfy your omega-3 needs through the foods that are eaten, or by taking an omega-3 supplement. Additionally, it is import to recognize that omega-3 is actually a group of fatty acids and not one compound – predominantly, we are specifically concerned with the omega-3:omega-6 balance in the diet.

The recommended ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 is for omega-6 to be 2 times greater than omega-3. But instead of a 2:1 balance, the ratio that is typically seen from the Western diet is very unbalance, as there is around 15 times more omega-6 than omega-3.

This imbalance comes from the typical Standard American Diet – it’s known as SAD for a reason. This diet is the trans-fats from fried foods and fatty meats, the fatty dairy products, and the sugar all lead to maximizing the omega-6 and minimizing the omega-3 – and an omega-6 excess to this extent is highly inflammatory.

It should make sense that one of the best natural inflammation remedies available is an omega-3 anti-inflammatory supplement. However, before your supplement can really be effective, it is necessary to first make dietary changes and get much closer to the omega-3:omega-6 recommended balance.

Omega-3 DHA Fish Oil

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