Working at night increases weight

Work shift increases the chances of developing problems such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, digestive problems and depression because of the irregular hours may jeopardize the adequate supply of the hormones.

Those who work in shifts also need to make 5 or 6 meals a day without skipping any meal. It is necessary to avoid the excess caffeine 3 hours before sleep so as not to disrupt sleep, in addition to light meals so that the body can enter into a deep sleep and rest well. See How to improve the sleep of those who work by shifts.

So, here’s how to get food in these cases:

What you eat before you sleep

When the person has worked all night, before going to sleep she needs to take the coffee of the morning light, but nutritious for the gut is not very active and the body can rest better. Some examples of what you can eat for breakfast are:

  • Low-fat yogurt with whole-grain bread with cheese;
  • Low-fat milk with 6 Maria biscuits, and fruit;
  • Vitamin fruit 5 toast whole grain with butter.

Workers who sleep during the day should choose a quiet place and without clarity so that the body can go into deep sleep. It is also important to avoid the consumption of coffee 3 hours before bedtime, so that caffeine does not cause insomnia.

What to eat before you start work

Before you start the work you must do a full meal, which provides energy and nutrients to the working day. At this time you can also take drinks with caffeine, such as coffee, to keep the body active. Examples of meals before work according to the time are:

  • Breakfast: 1 glass of milk with coffee without sugar + 1 sandwich of brown bread with boiled egg and a slice of cheese + 1 banana
  • Lunch: 120 g of grilled steak + 5 tablespoons rice + 3 tablespoons of beans + salad raw + 1 fruit dessert
  • Dinner: 130 g fish in the oven + baked potatoes + salad sautéed with vegetables and chickpeas + 1 fruit dessert

Before you begin the work, and you can also have coffee at the end of the meal or during the first few hours of work. Who comes home in the early afternoon, you can choose to have lunch at work or do 2 snacks during the morning and lunch just to get home, and it is important to not spend more than 4 hours without eating anything.

What to eat during the work

In addition to the main meal, the person needs to do at least 1 snack during the work, such as:

  • Yogurt + whole wheat bread with butter;
  • Fruit salad with flaxseed;
  • Coffee with milk + 4 toast whole grain.

Workers per shift should strive to have regular times for eating, sleeping, and waking up. Keep a routine will make the body to function well to absorb properly the nutrients ingested and keeping the weight off. See tips on How to control the desire to eat early in the morning.

If you have difficulty to sleep during the day, see what to eat in order to facilitate sleep:

In addition to the food, it is also important to practice physical activity at least 3 times per week, as this will help you maintain a healthy weight and prevent diseases.