Homemade High Protein Low Carb Chocolate Almond Nut Fudge – Protein Bar.

High protein meals are no problem, especially when you are using protein powder as one of your cooking ingredients or when making a smoothie.  But nutritionally healthy high protein low carb meals can be more difficult, and something to eat in between meals is the hardest of them all – until I made high protein chocolate almond nut fudge that is also low in carbohydrates.

This is where I always got in trouble with carbohydrates, because through the course of the day I could be eating 4-6 extra apples and bananas – well, at least my old ‘sweet tooth’ got shifted from candy bars and ice cream to fruit.

Sure, protein bars could be an option.  But have you paid close attention to the label and nutritional content of many of these, with all of their soy protein, high fructose corn syrup, and other artificial ingredients.  And they are also high in carbohydrates; it seems that many [most] protein bars are essentially just candy bars.

One protein bar that I have no nutritional issues with, and would eat as a meal replacement bar, are Dale’s High Protein Bars.  These bars are 100% natural in all ingredients, have 280 grams and have 22 grams of raw protein.  But they also have 28 grams of carbohydrates – and I am looking for something to eat that is high protein and low carbohydrate.

Homemade Protein Bars

So, I decided to try to make my own homemade protein bars and have been looking for a recipe.  I tried a few that never really had the protein:carbohydrate ratio I wanted, and they never would harden like they were supposed to.

And then I found a recipe in the Dave Ruel Anabolic Cookbook that I recently got.  If you don’t know Dave, he is a bodybuilder and fitness expert, who is also known as The Muscle Cook.  I am not a cook [understatement – although I do make a mean smoothie], and have struggled to come up with more high protein meal recipes.

So, when I saw some of the recipes in the book and they looked like they would taste good – and I thought that I could make them without any problems, I decided to give the cookbook a try.

Here is a video with the homemade protein bar recipe, and where you can watch Dave make these bars:


My Protein Bar Recipe Changes And Coming Up With Frozen Fudge

So, I planned to make the protein bars, but made some ingredient changes based on things that I already had.  And then after putting them in the refrigerator for 45 minutes, they definitely were hardening – but they were still a little soft to cut and get the formed bars.

I also had decided that I wanted these to be smaller than the recipe that gave 5 bars that were 452 calories each, into 9 pieces that would be around 250 calories each; this would be better quantity for something high protein to eat between ‘regular’ meals.

I ended up with 244 calories, and 25.92 protein grans to 17.00 carbohydrate carbs, which became 15.39 grans after netting out fiber.

And this is when I put them into the freezer to finish hardening quicker – and ended up with what reminded me of High Protein Chocolate Almond Nut Fudge.  Below is my recipe and nutrient facts, and I have to say that these taste amazing.

Preparation Notes:

  • Use a natural almond butter that has oil in it and is soft – you need this consistency to help with the mixing, and it is the most nutritionally healthy
  • I used a crunchy almond butter to get an‘extra’ nutty consistency and taste
  • I used unsweetened almond milk for my liquid – mix hard and you will get the right consistency, but be careful if you add more [too much] and then have it to wet and need to add more dry ingredients
  • I used quick oats instead of old fashioned oats – they are cut more finely, which I thought would make it easier to mix
  • I used unsalted cashews and macadamia nuts for the top instead of peanuts – I didn’t have any peanuts and personally like the taste of these a lot better
  • I used Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein – I have liked what it tastes like when using large quantities, and it was the chocolate.