Green Lipped Mussel Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Green lipped mussel powder is a nutrient extract removed from the live mussel, making it a natural food source for usage in a supplement that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

What makes green lipped mussel supplements powerful as an anti-inflammatory are the mussels high concentration of inflammation reducing fatty acids – omega-3 DHA and omega-3 ETA, which are both found in the mussels, are some of the strongest natural anti-inflammatories that are known.

The importance of these beneficial properties coming from a natural nutritional source is the lack of adverse side effects.  This is in contrast to the anti-inflammatory drugs that are known for having side effects like gastro-intestinal problems, bleeding, ulcers, and possible liver damage.

Why Take An Anti-Inflammatory Supplement?

Taking an anti-inflammatory supplement is important, because excess chronic body inflammation is responsible for many different health problems, and is the source for a lot of pain.

Some inflammation is natural and even useful in our body, for instance to let us know when something was hurt or for fighting infection.

However, when this builds up and becomes excessive and won’t go away, it is very problematic for our health, causing heart disease and swollen joints leading to mobility problems – the green lipped mussel anti-inflammatory supplements inhibit and reduce this inflammation.

Green Lipped Mussel Arthritis Joint Supplement

There are anti-inflammatory drugs that are used for treating arthritis, but there is no actual known cure for arthritis.  But although those drugs can be effective for providing pain relief and improvement in mobility, they are also known to have numerous side effects with prolonged use; it is actually shown that these problems can cause the need for more additional treatments from the drug’s side effects, than for what the medicines were given to treat.

The green lipped mussel is another example of natural nutritional health benefits.  With the mussels being shown to have strong omega-3 anti inflammatory properties, the green lipped mussel supplements are a natural health source that can be a very good treatment solution for joint and arthritis sufferers – and one that doesn’t have the side effect concerns that the anti-inflammatory drugs have..

The anti-inflammatory properties for green lipped mussel anti-inflammatory arthritis treatment, best became known from research that was done on shellfish looking for possible cancer treatment uses.  Although, nothing was found that could help with cancer, there were significant anti-inflammatory properties found because of the studies on the unique species of New Zealand green lipped mussels.

Green Lipped Mussel Anti-Inflammatory Resources

Green Lipped Mussel Omega-3 Anti-inflammatory Supplement

Green lipped mussel omega-3 antiinflammatory supplements are especially effective for joint conditions and arthritis from being a COX-2 inhibitor.

Green Lipped Mussel Anti-Inflammatory COX-2 Inhibition

Green lipped mussel supplements have strong antiinflammatory properties from a high concentration of omega-3 ETA, as an all natural COX-2 inhibitor.

Green Lipped Mussel Anti-Inflammatory Supplement

As the result of these findings, and additional studies and trials, the anti-inflammatory properties in the green lipped mussel powder has been found to be effective for use in the treatment for inflammation of the joints and for arthritis.