What do you need to eat breakfast to have energy

We tell you what foods you should consume in the morning for your brain to function in optimum conditions throughout the day.

What your breakfast consists of a donut and a coffee to go? If so, it is likely that you do not you’re giving your body the nutrients it needs in order to be successful in your business. Dr. Neal Barnard, author of Super Foods for the Brain Power Foods for the Brain) says that the brain works on the basis of the power.

While a cup full of caffeine and a donut full of sugar can give you energy in the early hours of the morning, will desperately seek a second cup and you feel tired at noon. For that reason, we share the food you should eat in the breakfast for your brain to work in perfect conditions.

1. Healthy carbohydrates
Carbohydrates are a source of glucose, which is what the body transforms into energy. A good breakfast contains at least a carbohydrate healthy that does not cause alterations in the levels of blood sugar.

For example, oats and rye bread are good options. “Keep you energized for longer, without peaks or low,” says Barnard, so that gives the brain the fuel that it needs to be creative and make better decisions.

2. Protein low in fat
Although the bacon and sausages are common in the daily diet, these foods have cholesterol levels and very high fat and not give you the energy you need for the day. “The saturated fat in them is like putting Vaseline to your blood and makes you more loose,” says Barnard. Although this varies in each region, in the case of Mexico, a good source of protein are black beans.

3. Fruit smoothie
Perhaps you think your day can’t begin without caffeine, but Bernard will recommend that you try it. “Caffeine has a stimulating effect. The problem is that people get used to it”, says Bernard. Throughout the day, we are consuming too much caffeine, so in the end you end up more tired than if you would have never consumed. Better, instead of drinking coffee, drink at breakfast, a smoothie or natural fruit juice to obtain energy, without collapsing the middle of the day.

4. Alternatives to lactose
Although cow’s milk is good source of protein, Barnard says that it is cholesterol and fat, which makes you feel without energy as the day progresses. Try to consume options, without lactose, such as soy milk, which is rich in protein, has little fat, and antioxidant properties.

Rice milk and almond are also good choices for those who want to monitor their cholesterol, or who are intolerant to lactose. Both have little saturated fat, but also provide little protein.


Article By Lisa