Probiotics And Prebiotics Combination Supplement

Probiotic bacteria and prebiotic fiber is not only important for your digestive health and immune system, but also important for your overall health – which makes sense, considering that many health conditions start in the digestive tract.

For instance, the American Cancer Society says that “Colon and rectal cancers begin in the digestive system”.

There are 2 types of fiber:

  • Soluble fiber is prebiotic fiber, which is required to keep the probiotics or good bacteria in your digestive system healthy and growing.
  • Insoluble fiber helps to clean up the waste materials from the colon and keep you regular. Both soluble and insoluble fiber also helps your system to absorb vital vitamins and minerals that it needs to help maintain good health and fitness.

Both of these fiber types are necessary for good digestive health, but it is the prebiotic fiber that is critical because of the role it plays in supporting the good bacteria in your colon.

If those bacteria are unable to flourish, then they will also be unable to ‘take-over’ the bad bacteria that are also in your colon.  And when that happens – there is nothing to keep the harmful bacteria from causing digestive and overall health problems.

However, most people’s diet s will not include an adequate amount of prebiotic fiber in their diets – this tends to happen for 2 basic reasons:

  • Even if the right food choices are made, it is very hard to eat enough of them.  For instance, it is recommended that people eat around 8 grams of prebiotic fiber per day, and 15 grams or more when they have problems with their digestive health.  But in order to do this, using bananas as your food source, would require that you eat over 1.5 pounds per day just to get the 8 grams.
  • Again, even with the right food choices, much of the prebiotic fiber is in the stems, seeds, or skin – or very likely inedible parts of the food.

So, as being discussed, this may lead to an imbalance in the digestive tract from the in ability to support the good bacteria.  And when that is permitted to continue, it can result in numerous serious and even deadly medical problems. So, it is crucial for everybody to increase their prebiotic dietary fiber consumption.

Probiotics Supplement With Kiwi Fruit Prebiotics

To begin with, since an imbalance between good bacteria and bad bacteria is so prevalent, it is highly recommended that a probiotics supplement is taken.

In fact, there are more than 200 studies linking inadequate probiotic levels to more than 170 different health issues, including obesity and weight gain.

This really isn’t that surprising when you consider that you have trillions of living bacteria inside your GI tract, a quantity that is over 10 times greater than all of the rest of your body’s cells.  So, if you don’t have a large enough ratio of probiotics to bad bacteria, then this can cause many digestive and immune system problems.

So, it is important to take a probiotics supplement daily, but you also want enough prebiotics to nourish the good probiotics to let them flourish and further multiply – and the Kiwi Fruit is a terrific prebiotics source and support nutrients.

The probiotics supplement I take is combined with a Kiwi Fruit prebiotics called Actazin™ – and provides the following digestive health benefits:


Prokinetic enzyme activity gently stimulates the movement of stool through your GI tract to help ‘keep you regular’.

Insoluble fiber further promotes regularity and softens stools without gas or bloating.

Prebiotics support the natural growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut to further improve your gut flora ratio.

Polyphenolics support beneficial bacteria, inhibit infectious pathogens, and further assist in maintaining long term digestive health.


Additionally, the prebiotics are able to provide protection for the lining of the gut, including regeneration of damaged cells.  This is a very important benefit, when you consider the damage done to the digestive tract from food intolerances like gluten or other food allergies.

You will have an unique and advanced probiotics formula that provides the equivalent of 50 billion CFU per day – and develop  a bacteria balance that will help you have the best digestive and immune health possible.