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Eat Foods Of All Colors For Maximum Nutrition

How do you plan your diet – is your primary concern for how many calories your eat, or your macros percentages? Compare this to also choosing your foods based on their different colors, because this will help ensure that you are getting the most diverse vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.


Choosing The Best Whey Protein Powder Blend

Whey is a high quality protein, but its low absorption rates and high insulin response detract from its muscle building and fat burning potential. The solution is to choose a whey protein blend that has as much slow digesting protein as it does whey – this will increase that amount you absorb and lower the insulin release.


How Often Do You Eat Fast Food Infographic

Are you one of the 50 million Americans eating 37% of their calories at fast food restaurants each day? Look at the fast food nutrition infographic that compares the calories and fat grams of a Big Mac with french fries, to a nutritiously healthy meal that also gives you more food to eat.


Superfoods That Are Exceptionally Nutritious And Healthy Infographic

Superfoods is a term that refers to foods that tend to be relatively low in calories and highly nutrient dense, meaning that they provide exceptional nutrition as a percentage of their weight. These are all natural foods, which have essential nutrients that promote increased health, but that our body can’t make itself.


Nutritional Health And Fitness Articles

Nutritional Health

You Can Always Reduce Your Risk For Heart Disease

Aging may be one of the primary risks for heart disease, but there are many others that are especially related to nutrition and fitness. But it is also good to know that everyone, including those that are getting older, can improve their heart health and decrease their heart disease risks.


Heart Healthy Living Through Better Nutrition And Lower Stress

It is critical to live a heart healthy lifestyle, considering that heart disease is a leading cause of death. Two key ways for improving heart health are through better nutrition and weight control, and especially avoiding unhealthy fats – along with taking steps to lower your cortisol and stress levels.


Do Omega-3 Supplements Really Increase The Risk For Prostate Cancer

Although I can’t ignore that there are reports saying that omega-3 supplements cause an increased risk for prostate cancer, I have also seen that many health professionals and scientific experts have called this inaccurate and a gross misrepresentation of omega-3 studies.


Probiotics And Prebiotics

Combining Probiotics And Prebiotics For The Best Digestive Health

By combining probiotics and prebiotics, you will add good bacteria to your GI system, along with providing the necessary support to allow these bacteria to grow in significantly greater number than bad bacteria. And this will give the best possible nutritional and balanced digestive health.


Adding Probiotics To Your Protein Powder

When I started using whey protein powders in smoothies and some of my high protein recipes, I had gas and bloating problems that came from a lactose sensitivity. I was able to remedy this by adding probiotics from kefir, using a protein powder with digestive enzymes, and by taking an advanced formula probiotics supplement.


Probiotics Supplements Have Digestive Health Benefits

It is amazing to consider that we have as many as 100 trillion live bacteria in our digestive system. But the biggest problem isn’t the actual number, but that there is typically a big imbalance between the good and bad bacteria, with far too few of the good bacteria. This becomes a problem for your digestive health and immune system – that makes taking a probiotics supplement very beneficial.


Weight Loss And Fat Burning

Are You Eating Fruit While Trying To Lose Body Fat

I love fruit and could easily eat 5-6 pieces a day. I knew that was a lot of extra calories, but fruit is also very high in nutrients and antioxidants – but then I learned about fructose and its impact on increasing insulin and blood sugar, which leads to extra fat storage.


Does Eating Before Bedtime Cause Weight Gain

Eating at bedtime doesn’t necessarily cause increased weight and fat gains, it all depends on what foods are being eaten. If you will avoid eating carbohydrates and eat protein that are slow digesting, with some high quality fat – you can actually enhance calorie and fat burning.


Guidelines For Maximizing Fat Burning

Burning the most fat possible is important for having a lean healthy body, and for getting rid of inflammation. Read about 15 guidelines you can use for maximizing the amount of fat you burn, along with watching a video about how important omega-3 DHA EPA is for your health and your fat burning efforts.


Exercise And Fitness

Reducing Muscle Loss From Sarcopenia And Aging

One of the conditions that has been thought to be inevitable with aging is sarcopenia, or the continual loss and degeneration of muscle mass. However, studies have shown that this can be reduced, or even prevented, with resistance training and omega-3 fatty acid supplements.


Creatine Supplements Replenish ATP When Lifting Weights

Creatine comes from 3 naturally occurring amino acids that can be converted into creatine phosphate and stored in the muscles. This is a beneficial function for those involved with high intensity exercise and resistance training, because the creatine phosphate allows for the replenishing of ATP and the fuel that will help with increased muscle workload.


Can You Build Muscle Without Lifting Heavy Weights?

Although it is commonly believed that it is necessary to lift heavy weights if you are going to build muscles – a new study shows that what is most important is the amount of time the muscle is under tension, and lifting light weights with enough repetitions to reach failure is just as effective for building muscles.


Beyond Protein Shakes

High Protein Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

I don’t know about you, but I love recipes that have pumpkin in it. Not only is pumpkin highly nutritious, it is a complex carb that doesn’t spike your blood sugar – and that can be mixed with protein powder to make great tasting high protein low carbohydrate microwave cakes or smoothies.


Pumpkin Raspberry Microwave High Protein Cake

Microwave protein cakes are a great way to go beyond those simple whey protein shakes for higher nutrition. This cake includes pumpkin and raspberries, which are 2 very nutritious carbohydrates that are low in calories and have a low blood sugar response.


Whey Protein Shakes Absorption And Digestion Issues

Protein powder shakes and foods may be beneficial for muscle growth and burning fat, but not if the powder causes problems with absorption and digestion, or contains ingredients that aren’t nutritious.


Whey Protein Supplements

Does Whey Protein Powder Have Side Effects

There are many nutritional and fitness benefits to athletes and weight lifters from whey protein supplements. However, the whey protein powder may also have side effects that cause health problems to those who use too much of it.


What Protein Powder Is The Best And Why

What do you think is the best protein powder? Is it a supplement that will further enhance your weight lifting and body building, maybe also including amino acids and creatine – or do you want a protein powder that is the healthiest nutritionally that can be eaten any time of day as a meal replacement, and that will satisfy your post-workout needs?


Protein Supplements Additional Ingredients – Are They Beneficial Or Harmful?

Protein supplements can be very beneficial, especially for those involved in a lot of resistance and weight training. However, these supplements contain additional ingredients besides protein – some of these may increase the effectiveness, but in many cases they have harmful effects for your nutritional health and fat burning efforts.